Initial Consultation

On-line Via Zoom or In-Person at 

645 W Ridgeview Dr, Appleton, WI 54911

$125.00 80 minutes

All programs begin with a comprehensive look into your health history, current symptoms, food strategies and health goals. This investigation helps us begin to understand the root causes of your health imbalances and helps us decide what the appropriate course of action will be for you moving forward. We will discuss what dietary and lifestyle improvements you can make to start feeling better.

Before this session, clients will complete an in-depth health history questionnaire, a comprehensive symptoms questionnaire and a 5-day food journal and we will review each one in detail during the session. We will discuss if lab testing is appropriate and decide on what the appropriate action will be to help attain your health goals. At this appointment you can see how in-depth you want to go with your health by selecting option 1, 2 or to follow-up on an as needed basis.

After receiving your booking, I will contact you to coordinate whether we will meet via Zoom or in person!