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Hi, I'm Katie!

I’m a Functional Nutritionist and Personal Trainer

Functional nutrition is an approach to nutrition and health care that focuses on supporting the body's optimal functioning through personalized dietary strategies. It emphasizes the interconnectedness of different bodily systems and seeks to address underlying imbalances that may contribute to various health issues.

Symptoms/ Diagnosis I work with:

Autoimmune Diseases

Diabetes/Metabolic Syndrome

Food Sensitivities

Hormonal imbalance

Chronic Pain/Inflammation

Mood Disorders Anxiety/Depression

Detoxification Imbalances

Digestive Disorders

Fatigue and sleep

Weight Management

Various chronic conditions

Key principles of functional nutrition include:

  • Personalization: Functional nutrition takes into account an individual's unique biochemistry, genetics, lifestyle, and health history.
  • Root Cause Analysis: Instead of simply addressing symptoms, functional nutrition aims to identify and address the root causes of health issues. This involves looking beyond surface-level symptoms to understand the underlying factors contributing to a person's health concerns.

The 5 R’s

Remove - foods, toxins pathogens

Replace - digestion support

Repopulate - with healthy bacteria

Repair - gut lining

Rebalance - address whole body health; sleep, stress, movement

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balance diet

Functional nutrition places a strong emphasis on consuming whole, nutrient-dense foods that provide essential vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and other beneficial compounds. It encourages a diet rich in fruits, vegetables, whole grains, lean proteins, healthy fats, and herbs/spices.

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Gut Health

The role of the gut in overall health is a central focus of functional nutrition. A healthy gut microbiome is believed to play a crucial role in digestion, nutrient absorption, immune function, and even mental health. Functional nutrition often involves strategies to support and maintain a healthy gut.

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Individualized Therapies

Functional nutrition may incorporate various therapeutic interventions, such as dietary modifications, supplementation, herbal remedies, and lifestyle changes. These interventions are tailored to the individual's specific health needs and goals.

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As your practitioner I am here to guide, educate, and empower you to become your own health advocate. I’m happy to work along side your allopathic doctor so you can reach your health goals.

how it works?

First up, we'll start with a discovery call where we'll get to know each other, chat about your goals, and see if we're a match.

Then, we'll dive into a 1:1 coaching program where I’ll assess your blood work, health history, NAQ, and food journal. Based on that information I will have you work through protocols that address your goals, report of findings and foundational goals for lifestyle, nutrition and stress reduction.


6 Month Program

Get to the root cause of your symptoms/diagnosis

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holistic Health Evaluation

This one time consult includes a protocol to get you started with your health goals

Macros and Fitness Accountability

I will keep you accountable with your fitness goals and nutrition

Wellness and health with sports accessories and weight control equipment

Group Programs

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You will learn about healthy digestion, healthy fats, balance your blood sugar all while doing a sugar detox

H.E.R program is for women who are exhausted from dieting and trying to figure out their health on their own and ready to lose weight, reclaim their health and feel confident and sexy.

TO find out when the next class start please

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see how I can help transform your health

Book a complementary Discovery Call.


Local Resources

  • Ropana Wellness: offers all types of massages
  • Infared Sauna - I like to use this with clients detoxing from Mold Illness, Pathogens, Viral Infections, inflammation, autoimmune. Ropana Wellness as an offering with a massage or stand alone service
  • LMNT - local purchase at Ropana Wellness


  • FullScript - my online dispensary where you can purchase all my favorite supplements.
  • DSS - physician grade

Registration code KJ2578


Other Favorites

Functional Lab Testing offer:

  • GI-MAP
  • Food Sensitivity
  • OAT
  • Blood Work
  • Mold
  • Hormone Testing

Frequently asked questions

Will I have to give up all my favorite foods?

How long will it take to see results from working with you?

Do you take insurance?

Unfortunately nutrition and health coaching are not covered by insurance. Although many of my clients have been able to use their HSA for my programs,, supplements and testing.

No, not always do we need to take out foods to see results. Many times you get to add in more foods! There are those challenging conditions that gluten, dairy and other inflammatory foods do need to be removed for a period of time and can hopefully be reintroduced once the gut healing is complete.

That depends on a variety of factors, including your current habits and goals. However, with commitment and consistency, most people begin to see positive changes within a few weeks to a few months.

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about Katie

Katie is your go-to health coach to help you feel your absolute best. As someone who's been through her own journey with health and wellness, she knows firsthand how challenging it can be to make changes and stick with them

Her approach to health coaching is all about meeting you where you’re at and educating on the “why” to your health challenges so you can feel in control and make the changes needed to attain your goals!

Katie Jackson


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